Verint is a global provider of security and intelligence data mining software that helps governments, critical infrastructure
providers and enterprises to neutralize and prevent terror, crime and cyber threats.
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Our advanced data mining solutions, supported by unparalleled domain expertise and ingrained intelligence methodologies, provide us with a competitive advantage. Verint’s commitment to continuous technological innovation ensures that our customers stay ahead of ever-evolving security threats.


Collect & process communications from virtually any source. Our platform supports big data applications and can capture, store, and integrate massive data sets from multiple data sources.


Focus on what’s most important with Verint’s wide range of analytics engines, including machine learning, profiling, speech analytics, anomaly detection, behavioral analysis, and predictive analytics.


Query real-life intelligence questions using Verint investigation applications. Field-tested workflows and intelligence methodologies integrate best practices and empower efficient and effective decision making.

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Power of Verint’s

Our wide and deep product portfolio accelerates intelligence-driven security through the synergy of technology, domain expertise and intelligence methodologies.
Making The World A Safer Place
Based on more than two decades of experience directing investigations in the world’s most advanced security organizations, our team has mastered the science of collecting and analyzing intelligence from virtually all communications and sources. We take our domain expertise, combined with ingrained intelligence methodologies, and embed them into all of the solutions that we have successfully deployed at security agencies, enterprises, and critical service providers in more than 100 countries.