Webcast: What to Look for in an Effective Detection & Response Solution

Webcast: What to Look for in an Effective Detection & Response Solution

Despite our best efforts, cyber attacks are getting more aggressive and sophisticated. The threat of targeted attacks is real and the cyber security landscape must change with the need for greater vigilance.

Today leading analysts are encouraging organizations to deploy solutions that go beyond the traditional defenses of siloed products, such as firewalls and antivirus software, and choose technology that works to disrupt assaults across the entire attack chain — from break-in to exfiltration. The new thought is to move beyond prevention to a fully integrated detection and response solution that enables an adaptive approach to security.

What is adaptive security architecture and how do we make it work? 

In this webinar, Gartner’s VP Distinguished Analyst for Cloud and IoT Security, Neil MacDonald discusses the Adaptive Security Architecture for protection from advanced attacks.  He is joined by Verint’s Noam Rosenfeld, Senior VP Product & Engineering, and former Head of Cyber Defense in the Israel Defense Forces, to look at what it takes to implement effective detection and response and how to make it work for your organization.


  • Why it is essential to move to a detection & response solution.
  • What are the critical elements of a good solution?
  • What challenges should you expect as you implement a solution?
  • How do you measure the efficacy of a detection and response solution?
  • How can you measure success?

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Author: Ben Kapon