Trends in Terror. Is there any good news?

Trends in Terror.  Is there any good news?

Trends in Terror.  Is there any good news?
It is possible to look at some of the recent statistics regarding global terrorism and reach the conclusion that the threat is diminishing.  

Local and national forces have successfully weakened the operational bases of both ISIL and Boko Haram, the two leading forces behind global terrorism, and as a result, the number of terror incidents in both Iraq and Nigeria have dropped.   Unfortunately, both of these groups have metastasized into other regions, and the number of countries experiencing terror has actually increased.

And so, it is difficult to conclude that recent developments regarding terror are good news.  The threats are still evolving in complexity and are increasingly transnational in nature.  ISIL and Boko Haram have learned much from the fluid nature of Al Qaeda, and have proven to be “effective” even as they are losing territories.  They are still able to take advantage of difficult-to-monitor communications in order to recruit, organize, plan, transfer funds and execute terrorist activities.

In order to combat the growing terror threat, security agencies need to closely monitor the terrorists’ communications and keep a finger on the pulse of their activities. With advanced data mining technologies, mass analytics and predictive intelligence, it is possible to find countless clues in the terrorists’ own communications and from the open source web.  Together with a solid understanding of the components of the terror infrastructure, such as online recruitment, these clues provide security agencies with vital intelligence which can prevent attacks.

For an in-depth report of recent trends in the war on terror, please click on the link below to see European Union Terrorism Situation and Trend Report 2017, published by Europol.  The report reviews the many sources of terror in Europe, including Jihadist, separatist, right-wing, left-wing and even single issue terror.  Of the many interesting trends discussed in the report, it is noteworthy that terror groups are able to exploit socio-economic grievances of immigrants in order to incite them to participate in terrorist activities.

EUROPOL 2017, European Union Terrorism Situation and Trend Report




Author: Kenny Kleinerman