Prioritize and You’ll Never Have Too Much Data

Prioritize and You’ll Never Have Too Much Data

“The good news is we’ve got lots of information, but the bad news is that we have got lots of information”.

Law Enforcement, National Security, and National Intelligence agencies around the world are all asking the same questions:  How do we extract meaningful insights from the enormous volume and variety of available data?  Do we need a large team of trained intelligence analysts? And above all – How do we connect all the dots in order to produce a coherent intelligence picture?

What these security and intelligence organizations need are data mining and prioritization tools that automatically collect and analyze data from multiple sources, focus on what’s important, and zero-in on threats.  Such tools, built on experience and intelligence expertise, reduce the need for trained analysts and data scientists and significantly shorten the time from data collection to threat prevention.

The alternative is that hard earned intelligence that could prevent serious crime and terror will remain unread or will assumed to be unimportant.

Please see the attached recent article by Mark Townsend in the Guardian for a fascinating review of how intelligence could have prevented the London Bridge attack in June 2017, if only it was understood in time.

“How a crippling shortage of analysts let the London Bridge attackers through”, Guardian, June 2017




Author: Kenny Kleinerman