Verint Completes its First Cyber Course for the Magshimim Plus Program

Verint Completes its First Cyber Course for the Magshimim Plus Program

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, Verint joined forces with the Magshimim Cyber Education Program.  The Magshimim Plus program was created for pre-army students with an aptitude for computer and cyber studies.  Founded in 2010 by the Rashi Foundation and the Ministry of Defense, Magshimim has now become a national program.

Volunteers at Verint contributed their time and expertise in cyber security knowledge to build innovative and challenging computer courses for 15 exceptional students from the program. The hands-on experience in complex cyber solutions provide students with the opportunity to prepare themselves for possible integration inside an elite technological unit in the IDF or to continue their interest in cyber studies in one of Israel’s hi-tech organizations.

The Magshimim Plus program demonstrates Verint’s support and commitment to the development of cyber education, and firmly believes that the program is an important investment in the next generation of cyber security experts.

Here’s what some of the students had to say:

“I was really happy to have taken part in the Magshimim program. I was exposed to fascinating topics that I did not know before – the study also encouraged me to continue my research at home. Beyond that the atmosphere was excellent and the people were amazing and caring, I felt the will and willingness to help. The program contributed a lot to me so really thank you very much both for Verint and for the opportunity”.

“The meetings were fascinating, we were exposed to and experienced a large number of areas in the cyber world. The meetings were very helpful in preparing the candidates for the army”.

“I enjoyed every single meeting. We learnt a lot and experimented in unusual and very interesting areas…the activities were very challenging”.

The course included programming languages, operating systems, network communications and low-level programming, to name a few.  The program ran for six months and included 12, three-hour meetings on Verint premises.

The many supporters of the program include the Prime Minister’s Office, philanthropic foundations and volunteers from several large high tech companies in Israel, including Microsoft, Rafael and PayPal.


Author: Sharon Ginsburg