Cyber Wars

Cyber Wars

Lee Blum Presents at the Strata Data Conference

Thousands of Big Data professionals gathered in the ExCel Conference Centre in London for the annual Strata Data Conference, organized by O’Reilly Media and Cloudera. This conference is a major platform for leading Data professionals to share their experience, case studies, proven best practices and new analytic approaches to a global audience of data scientists and engineers, analysts, and executives.

In my talk I shared under-the-hood details of our Big Data Cyber Defense System, titled “The Ultimate Data Scientist's Playground Building a Multipetabyte Analytic Infrastructure for Cyber Defense”. Click To Tweet

Watch the full presentation here.

You can download the slides to the presentation here.


Author: Lee Blum

Lee Blum is a Product Manager of Big Data Analytics in Verint’s Cyber Security Division, Lee is responsible for Big Data solutions on Large Scale Cyber Security systems that provide rapid ingestion, processing and advanced analytics of data collected by high-end IP probes in Internet Service Provider networks. Lee has over 15 years of experience in IP networks, high-end storage systems, back-end solutions and petabyte-scale Big Data analytics.