Experience the Next Evolution of Situational Intelligence and Video-Based Security with Verint at GSX 2019

Experience the Next Evolution of Situational Intelligence and Video-Based Security with Verint at GSX 2019

We continue to see threats to mission-critical organizations evolve and become more prevalent and sophisticated.  Hostile nation-states, growing workplace threats and violent extremism are putting pressure on organizations to take additional steps to protect what matters most. Whether that’s people, property, assets, or all of the above, when left unchecked, the security threats facing today’s organizations possess the power to put lives at risk, inflict damage to property, disrupt operations and significantly impact an organization’s brand and reputation.

The good news is that security solutions providers, like Verint, continue to drive innovation into their solutions offerings to help organizations take a more proactive and comprehensive approach to risk mitigation. To win the war against those that wish to do harm, organizations must adopt a multi-dimensional approach where security is looked at holistically across all the organization’s domains.

Verint is proud to be leading the way in delivering a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that provide much greater visibility across operations, integrate across existing technical systems for broader span and control, enable earlier detection and disruption of suspicious activities, optimize response to incidents and aid forensic investigations. 

As a leader in video-based security technology, Verint continues to innovate, strengthening its platform of Situational Intelligence Solutions with enhancements like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help detect and act on persons of interest and suspicious behavior faster and more efficiently.  Verint has also added enhancements like bi-directional systems integrations allowing the operator to use the VMS platform as a single workspace, getting visual context and confidently completing tasks faster. Verint’s approach to alarm management is transformational.  When an alarm is triggered it immediately shows on a dynamic GIS based map, presenting correlated live and recorded data from all connected sources for rapid situational awareness.  And, its new built-in event engine allows operators to automate the appropriate actions in response to the alarm, saving time and money in the process.

At booth #1803 during Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2019, Verint will demonstrate how its mission-critical solutions help organizations gain new levels of situational awareness to increase security and responsiveness. Its newest video-based command and control platform will be on display, showcasing how an intelligence driven approach leads to better decisions, faster response and more effective resolution to situations when they occur.

Stop by booth #1803 at GSX 2019 to learn how Verint can help you protect what matters most. Click here to schedule a one-on-one meeting or live demonstration with the team.

Jeffrey Lewis

Author: Jeffrey Lewis

Jeffrey is a seasoned marketing leader with a long history in the positioning and marketing of security services on a global scale. Previously held global marketing and marketing roles at Cognizant Security, GE Digital, HP Enterprise Security Services and TXU Energy.