Risk Mitigation & Disaster Containment with Verint NowForce

Risk Mitigation & Disaster Containment with Verint NowForce

NowForce is a SaaS product that can be deployed immediately and can assist health and emergency services in containment management during a pandemic outbreak. By utilizing communications, live maps and BI tools, NowForce increases situational awareness and drives action appropriate to various scenarios.

The solution, which is done in cooperation with the citizens, can help the government to follow-up on quarantined individuals and collect information about their health status. An SOS button is included that enables citizens an instant reporting of developing situations for fast response from the nearest responder.

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Tzvika Zeiffer

Author: Tzvika Zeiffer

Tzvika serves as a Solutions Marketing Manager in the Situational Intelligence Solutions division. Tzvika has an extensive experience in product management and marketing, combining technology and commercial aspects to assist business customers around the world to solve their problems. Tzvika holds an MBA in Marketing and a B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering.