How Fusion Centers Can Accelerate COVID-19 Contact Tracing

How Fusion Centers Can Accelerate COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “War is 90% information.” As the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies, government authorities worldwide find themselves in a race to contain the virus – and to gain fast, comprehensive access to data on the crucial front of Contact Tracing– to find the source of outbreaks and limit the chain of infection .

As government authorities worldwide race to contain the COVID-19 crisis, a critical objective is Contact Tracing – the effort to find the source of outbreaks and limit the chain of infection.  

The Challenge of Contact Tracing in Massive Volumes

Contact Tracing involves interviewing each infected individual and then tracing the locations they visited and people they contacted during the incubation period. Due to the scope and pace of the COVID-19 pandemic, authorities are finding that they are unable to effectively conduct contact tracing at these unprecedented massive volumes.

How Fusion Centers Can Help

Fusion Centers can assist authorities in crisis situations such as the current COVID-19 Pandemic. Using diverse commercial and government data sources, Fusion Centers can apply all-source automated investigation tools and methodology to track locations of infected individuals and map their routes and contacts.

Below are a few examples:

  • Identify all passengers and crew of a flight carrying an infected individual
  • Identify people who live at the same address of an infected individual
  • Identify the infected individual’s place of work to isolate co-workers  
  • Identify individuals whose mobile phones were mapped in close proximity to an infected person
OMNIX Automatic Mapping of an Individual’s Relations

Mapping the Potential Exposure Path

Fusion Centers can accelerate the Contract Tracing process by automatically generating an initial information map, based on various sources such as geo-location data from mobile phones.

The initial picture can be expanded by fusing together additional data sources such as License plate recognition (LPR), smart city CCTV, ATM transactions and credit card purchases, to help recreate the possible exposure path.

OMNIX map tracing a dynamic timeline of an infected individual’s routes

Preparing for the Next Wave

In the short term, government authorities are employing existing tools and systems to fight COVID-19, including Fusion Centers if they have them. For example, New Jersey’s state-wide response to the Coronavirus is being coordinated from the ROIC, the state’s intelligence Fusion Center.

In the longer-term, government agencies should define a roadmap of how their fusion center will provide a unified data view to support outbreak investigations and manage pandemic containment – whether for future waves of the Coronavirus or other epidemics.

Verint’s Fusion Intelligence Expertise

Verint’s team of experts can assist in understanding how to best leverage an existing Fusion Center during this crisis, as well as build a long term roadmap, including which data sources to prioritize and how to deploy the right procedures and data security to best protect citizens’ confidentiality and privacy.

To learn more, see the full report on ‘How Fusion Centers Can Accelerate COVID-19 Contact Tracing’.

Yifat Mitrani

Author: Yifat Mitrani

Yifat Mitrani is the Product Marketing Lead for OMNIX Intelligence Fusion at Verint. Yifat has over 18 years of experience in the telco, financial services and intelligence sectors with expertise in fast-paced technology domains including cloud native, microservices and big data analytics. She has previously held positions at Amdocs, Deloitte Consulting and Morgan Stanley, and holds an Executive MBA from Kellogg-Recanati (Northwestern University).