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DDoS Attacks for Hire: How the Gambling Crave Fuels Cybercrime in China

by Verint Cyber Threat Intelligence Research Team

posted at May 19, 2020

Learn how China’s gambling restrictions are fueling cybercrime in China by driving gamblers to online gambling and gaming platforms. Websites are often scams or fraudulent websites, hackers breach online casinos and gaming websites, steal user data to sell on the Darknet, run DDoS attacks and offer DDoS as-a-Service.

What Matters Most: Outlining the Steps to Define and Protect Mission-Critical Assets

by Jeffrey Lewis

posted at May 5, 2020

Nearly every single organization, whether a small business or large international enterprise, goes through non-optional steps to determine how best to comprehensively secure their environment. This process often starts with identifying the organization’s top priorities, which requires them to ask themselves a critical question: “What matters most?” In order to establish strategic groundwork for implementing

How Sex-Related Jobs and Scams Are Threatening Public Safety

by Verint Research Lab

posted at April 22, 2020

In the context of the current health crisis and the economic difficulties around the globe, job ads are increasingly being published to recruit women for sex-related jobs or to participate in online scams in a technique called e-whoring.

How Fusion Centers Can Accelerate COVID-19 Contact Tracing

by Yifat Mitrani

posted at April 7, 2020

Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “War is 90% information.” As the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies, government authorities worldwide find themselves in a race to contain the virus – and to gain fast, comprehensive access to data on the crucial front of Contact Tracing– to find the source of outbreaks and limit the chain of