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The Oil and Gas Market: How Technology Is Powering Safety, Compliance, and Efficiency

by Amy Levine

posted at March 18, 2019

As featured in SecurityInformed.Com. Authored by Bill Eckard, Director Of Strategic Accounts and Federal Government, Verint Security Intelligence Inc. The oil and gas market is driven by a number of technology trends, political issues, waves of supply and demand, and regulations. At times, it seems like the market is in a constant state of ebb and

The hackers behind the ‘9/11 papers’ extortion

by Verint Cyber Threat Intelligence Research Team

posted at January 24, 2019

On December 31, 2018, a cybercrime group going by the handle The Dark Overlord (hereafter TDO) claimed he had hacked an unnamed company, and exfiltrated a large volume of sensitive documents related to the 9/11 terror attacks-related lawsuits. TDO aims to extort the impacted organizations into paying a Bitcoin ransom and he already published batches

Jihadist World Uncovered Online by Our Web Analysts

by Paz BenNun

posted at January 23, 2019

Through extensive online research conducted over the last year, Verint’s Terrogence team of Web Intelligence analysts has recognized two significant and related shifts relating to content emanating from the jihadi world: A rise in awareness of jihadi content on social media platforms, both from the platform administration and from users. Increasing usage in encrypted mobile

Data Integration: The Sum is Greater Than All of its Parts?

by Moranne Yaari

posted at December 25, 2018

“The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts”. Aristotle said it first. But he was using a first generation intelligence center. And the bad guys were communicating with smoke signals and carrier pigeons. In my last blog I discussed how with a modern fusion center you should not fear having “too much” data