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Money Laundering – Zoom In on Suspicious Transactions

by Moshe Samoha

posted at June 10, 2017

Money laundering and terrorist financing has become increasingly widespread, as terrorists and organized criminals rely on financial frauds to fund their operations.  In some developing countries, these frauds are extremely extensive and can even threaten the local economy.   In addition, the emergence of new financial products such as virtual currencies, and online banking platforms that

Prioritize and You’ll Never Have Too Much Data

by Kenny Kleinerman

posted at June 2, 2017

“The good news is we’ve got lots of information, but the bad news is that we have got lots of information”. Law Enforcement, National Security, and National Intelligence agencies around the world are all asking the same questions:  How do we extract meaningful insights from the enormous volume and variety of available data?  Do we

Tracking the Narco-Traffickers

by Moshe Samoha

posted at May 25, 2017

  Tracking the Narco-Traffickers The most direct effect of drug abuse is clearly its toll on the health of users: Hepatitis C, HIV, tuberculosis, and even death from overdosing.   However, there are many secondary effects of drug use, including illicit financial transactions, corruption at high governmental levels, and damage to national economies.  The proceeds from

Are you prepared for the next WannaCry?

by Amir Rubin

posted at May 16, 2017

The recent WannaCry ransomware cyber-attacks have wreaked havoc on thousands of organizations worldwide.  According to the reports, over 200,000 systems in more than 150 countries were infected in the attack. Verint is closely monitoring the situation and updating our customers to make sure they have the best protection possible. Analysis into the behavior of the