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Watch Out: The FastDataX campaign – DNSChanger is Back!

by Verint Research Lab

posted at July 31, 2017

Verint’s Cyber Research team has recently discovered evidence of a new campaign for a variant of the infamous DNSChanger Trojan, which, as its name implies, alters a computer’s DNS entries to point toward rogue name servers. The new Trojan was identified through alerts in a Verint Threat Protection System (TPS) installation, which were triggered by its behavioral C&C

Illegal Immigration – Cracking the Terror/Crime Link

by Kenny Kleinerman

posted at July 11, 2017

Wars and other humanitarian crisis in the Middle-East and Africa have brought millions of migrants and refugees into Europe, and the stream of migration is continuing. Organized criminal groups often take advantage of the crisis to profit from the human trafficking, with human smuggling joining weapons and narcotic smuggling as their leading profit sources.  In

Lateral Movement and Threat Actors – Watch your network!

by Eddie Harari

posted at July 3, 2017

Cyber attacks are not only becoming more frequent, they are also becoming more complex, with attackers often using a range of techniques to get malware into your computer. One preferred method is to spread malware throughout the network, in an effort to locate network assets. This blog explains this particular method, it also explains why

Human Trafficking – Can We Stop It?

by Moshe Samoha

posted at July 2, 2017

Human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar industry that claims over 20 million victims.  Its victims, who generally have no choice but to consent to the abuse, are predominately women and children.  While many of the victims are subject to forced labor, most of them are put to work in the sex industry.   In many cases