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Discovery of a New Nymaim Malware Variant Employing Advanced Delivery, Obfuscation and Blacklisting methods

by Verint Research Lab

posted at October 27, 2016

Verint’s Cyber Research team has discovered an unknown variant of the Nymaim malware family, a group of threats that are also capable of downloading various malicious payloads onto the affected device, ranging from Ransomware to Banking Trojans. Background Nymaim is a malware family that was prevalent in 2013 but has recently reemerged on the threat landscape.

Finding an Effective Threat Detection and Response Solution – A Buyer’s Guide

by Ben Kapon

posted at October 13, 2016

It is extremely difficult to choose a threat detection and response solution today, given the many products in the marketplace. The more security software you install, the more your analysts chase false positives and an endless number of security alerts. And worse – attacks continue as invaders manage to infiltrate every small crack between siloed

Is a SIEM Enough to Make a SOC? Six Key Requirements for a Successful Security Operations Center

by Noam Rosenfeld

posted at September 29, 2016

According to Gartner’s recent Magic Quadrant for Security Incident & Event Management (August 2016), the SIEM market grew from $1.67 billion in 2014 to $1.73 billion in 2015.  The major driver for SIEM investments is security. “Even though compliance continues to be a secondary driver, the primary focus continues to be targeted attack and breach

A Day in the Trenches: My life in the SOC before, and after, automated investigation

by A SOC Manager

posted at August 2, 2016

Greetings from the SOC – the Security Operations Center.  Not every company has an official “SOC” but I think it’s fair to say that by now, most medium and large organizations have deployed multiple security products.  And there’s a team of IT or security people who manage them. I’m one of those people. I’ve worked