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Curiosity is the fuel that drives and motivates us into discovering new things – it’s a force that makes us want to become a part of something bigger. As a world leader in Cyber Intelligence solutions, we are dedicated to the needs of global security and thrive on each and every challenge by thinking unconventionally, breaking down new frontiers and bringing ideas to life. We want to make a global impact and are constantly looking for ways to discovering new things - Working at Verint, enables us to do exactly that.

"Verint’s size and range of businesses make it an incredibly exciting and challenging place to work"

Shlomi Dagan

Director of Business Operations

"What I like the most is the opportunity I have to express myself and share my thoughts"

Tamar Viclizki

Algorithm Engineer

"Verint’s cyber group is unique – we are all different, but the amazing synergy speaks for itself"

Itay Angi

Cyber Security Analyst

"It’s great to work in a multinational company where we get the opportunity to communicate with our global teams"

Yana Malevska

Software Developer

"Customer satisfaction is the most important thing. We do everything to give our customers the best products and services"

Patrick Chen

Cyber Security Analyst

"Verint gives you the best opportunities to learn and grow with the sense of innovation"

Sakshi Anand

Sales Admin

"I am very proud of the incredible technology which is a major force in tackling cyber threats"

Simona Iacoban

GUI Developer

"The people here are exceptional, everyone plays a main role in the company"

Fernado Lopez

Support Team Leader

"The people working in Verint have the ability to find creative solutions to any problem. They are talented, driven, dedicated, innovative and ambitious"

Styliani Agathokleous

Team Leader and Scrum Master

"I feel the most important qualities in the people who work here are that they are proactive, passionate, love problem-solving and team work"

Nikhil Pandey

Senior DSP Engineer

"Working here means having the opportunity to work with different solutions and continue learning"

Aline Feijo Montes

Support Analyst

"Verint’s approach to employee development has definitely helped me to broaden my abilities. I learn something new every day"

Mihai Cuatu


"Verint is full of motivated, passionate and dedicated people"

Petar Kenarov

System Integration Team Leader

"Technology, people, growth opportunities and sense of purpose are just a few of the things that make me happy to be part of this company"

Bianca Onici

JAVA Developer

"As someone who started as a QA Engineer and evolved to a project manager, I can certainly say that the growth opportunities are endless."

Aviv Haimovitch

Project Manager

"The technology is amazing, and using Java, my favorite programming language"

Marieta Karastoykova

Senior Java Developer

"Everyone I work with at Verint, has a strong drive to get the job done"

Adrian Ionita


"I like the fact that I have a sense of purpose, and that I am working with great people, and in an adaptive environment. "

Avivit Kornfeld


Why we LOVE
what we do

Actionable Intelligence is a necessity in today’s dynamic world of massive information growth. Our technology enables organizations to respond and take action by empowering decision makers with critical insights. For over 25 years, we have created innovative technological solutions which enable us to be prepared for the ever-changing cyber security landscape. With Big Data on an enormous scale and wow-factor integrated analytics for both structured and unstructured information, our pioneering technology and solutions are trusted to make the world a safer place.

COVID-19 Sex Related Jobs & Scams

Cyber criminals are taking advantage of the COVID-19 crisis by trying to exploit the economic difficulties with ads specifically targeting women

Sensing the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is seizing the attention of the general public with threat actors capitalizing on the crisis to advance their own agendas

Speed Up COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing is a critical factor in the effort to find the source of outbreaks and limit the chain of infection


How we make

Our unique scope of work enables us to find purpose through different perspectives. One may find it in the complexity of the technology challenges, while others in the fascinating methodologies in the world of intelligence. It is our dynamic environment and innovative minds that are making the world a better and safer place. Our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) program also enables those who want to create a positive impact within the community. If you are curious, you will find meaning, everywhere, every day. In the end, it’s the curious people who change the world.

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