International Field Service Engineer

Job ID: 4C.D00


General Summary of Role

Has responsibility to provide the first and second level of technical support to Verint International customers. Perform hardware and software installations and integrations and system upgrades. Perform the basic diagnosis and troubleshooting of hardware and software problems associated with service requests. Enter service requests and maintain them in the Verint CRM system until closure. Apply hardware and software resolutions and approved configuration changes. Perform scheduled maintenance activity on hardware and software systems. Site survey preparations, documentation production and update. Training when required.

Basic Requirements

·        Ability to travel out of country at short notice and at regular frequency

·        Ability to pass the security clearances required at Verint customers

Maintain customer satisfaction by:

·        First contact point to the Customer.

·        Responding promptly and efficiently to any SR (Service Requests) or/and CR (Change Request).

·        Responsibility E2E on each SR/CR related to his projects.

·        Understanding the SLA of assigned projects’ service contracts to fulfill Verint commitments.

·   Establishing a good working relationship with the customers and help to optimize their operation where appropriate.

·      Reporting exceptional service problems (technical and non-technical) to the Verint Service Manager by being familiar with the escalation procedure.

·        Leading each SR/CR, event and Service Pack in front of the customer and representing Verint in the best way.

·        Perform and manage of weekly meeting with the customer, distributing summary of the meeting to the customer and Verint define representatives.

·        Prevent and report any technical escalation that is about to become a management escalation.

·        Identify and report customer needs.


Technical Requirements:

We are looking for an engineer with experience in most of the areas below, not necessarily all. Any deficiencies can reasonably be dealt with during the initial training and certification phase of FSE. 

·        Hardware knowledge and physical installation. Fault-finding to Field Replaceable Unit level.

·        Storage technologies SAN / NAS (e.g. Netapp and EMC).

·        Windows server installation, configuration and administration (Win2k3 onwards).

·        Active Directory configuration and administration.

·        CITRIX configuration and administration (Xenapp onwards).

·        Red Hat Linux configuration and administration.

·        VMware virtualization.

·        Database - Sybase ASE, Sybase IQ, Mysql, SQL server.

·        Networking Protocols and Infrastructure understanding.

·        Telecommunications protocols and technologies (GSM / GPRS / 3G / UMTS / 4G (LTE) / PSTN / SS7 / E1 / T1….).

·        Analysis technology (Packet sniffing and capture. Data traffic and packet stream analysis tools).

Basic Requirements

·        Ability to travel out of country at short notice and at regular frequency

·        Ability to pass the security clearances required at Verint customers


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