Vulnerability Exploitation Researcher

Hiring manager: Ori Varon

Location Israel, Herzliya Job ID: 58.705


ACE Labs is looking for a vulnerability exploitation researcher for the exploitation of application and operating system vulnerabilities, exploiting productization and integration with complex security solutions.

We are offering a unique opportunity to be part of a new product house within Ace's growing cyber surveillance business. 


  • 3+ years of experience in application/OS vulnerability research and successful exploitation.
  • Significant experience in using state of the art exploitation techniques used to bypass mitigations (ASLR, DEP, SEHOP, etc.).
  • Fluent in reverse engineering and the use of both static and dynamic analysis tools (WinDbg/OllyDbg/IDA).
  • Extensive knowledge of C/C++/Assembly, as well as Python/Perl or similar scripting languages.


  • Aram or similar military training – a significant advantage.
  • Research or exploitation experience with multiple instruction sets and processor architectures (x86, x86-64, ARM, MIPS).
  • Familiar with Android OS internals.

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