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Video-Based Command and Control: Enhancing and Unifying Security Operations

by Jeffrey Lewis

posted at September 5, 2019

In today’s technology-driven world, most business operations and security decisions are based on data. When it comes to protecting what matters most to an organization, security managers and operators rely on information from a multitude of systems and solutions, such as video surveillance, access control, alarm notifications, and more, to ensure comprehensive protection.   However, this

Experience the Next Evolution of Situational Intelligence and Video-Based Security with Verint at GSX 2019

by Jeffrey Lewis

posted at August 23, 2019

We continue to see threats to mission-critical organizations evolve and become more prevalent and sophisticated.  Hostile nation-states, growing workplace threats and violent extremism are putting pressure on organizations to take additional steps to protect what matters most. Whether that’s people, property, assets, or all of the above, when left unchecked, the security threats facing today’s

Demonstrating the Importance of Intelligence for National Security at ISDEF 2019

by Colleen Gustitus

posted at May 28, 2019

Though the meaning of “security” has evolved significantly over the last several years, one fact remains certain: protecting people, property, and assets has never been more important than in today’s rapidly expanding risk landscape. In addition, while this applies to mission-critical organizations of all shapes and sizes, there is one market that must contend with

Discover How to Gain Unprecedented Intelligence and Insight with Verint at ISC West 2019

by Colleen Gustitus

posted at April 3, 2019

Never before has it been more critical to learn how to harness and analyze the right pieces of data. Organizations and leaders are faced with an influx of information that must be managed to help empower rapid decisions, and Verint is leading the way to helping its customers and partners gain the power to see