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141 Omonias Avenue
The Maritime Center
Block C 3045
+ 357 253 43 353
Verint Cyprus, is a world leader in telecommunication solutions for security and law enforcement organizations, offering value-added services to a wide cross section of companies and industries across the globe. At Verint Cyprus, our vision is to create a smarter & safer world with Actionable Intelligence. Verint Cyprus is built on five core values: Integrity, Innovation, Transparency, Humility and Passion. These values are expressed throughout the company, from the people we hire to the way we design and develop our products. They shape the way we do business with our customers, partners and each other and are reflected in the spirit of our people which forms the foundation for superior solutions, unparalleled service, and an unwavering commitment to our joint success.

spotlight on employee talent

Verint is the kind of workplace that encourages us to be who we are. To thrive inside and outside of the office.

I am very grateful for the opportunity Verint Cyprus has given me. As an expat, I have been pleased to find the staff of Verint Cyprus to be a diverse, inclusive and supportive group of people. The company itself attributes a high value to innovation utilizing the latest technologies, and has allowed me to develop my technical skills whilst delivering a stimulating product in an exciting and challenging environment.

Christopher Lloyd, Brett, Software Engineer, Verint Cyprus

The cutting edge technology environment along with the skillful co-workers in Verint Cyprus offers the opportunity to the individuals to evolve and develop as professionals in the field

Andreas Kikas, QA Engineer, Verint Cyprus

Verint Cyprus is an exciting place to work, where I get various opportunities and challenges which not just use my skills and knowledge but also help me to enhance my skillset as this is a place where colleagues from different part of the world and domains of expertise working together very closely and effectively in an ecosystem of various technologies dealing with whole network to create world class solutions with extra ordinary quality

Arun Panwar, Senior QA Engineer, Verint Cyprus

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Verint Cyprus is located in Limassol, a developed costal town on the small beautiful island of Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean. Our offices provide a modern and friendly environment, which nurtures innovation and creativity. We are currently a team of 150 employees of 20 different nationalities and growing. With a constant focus on improvement, we deliver the best to our employees and our customers.