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The National Technical Investigators' Association

Law enforcement agencies track targets and collect enormous amounts of data, but cannot produce meantinful intelligence. Data overload and encrypted IP traffic are just some of the obstacles to generating coherent intgelligence.

Verint’s Reliant X keeps you one step ahead and helps you to get faster time to evidence. Gain more intelligence for better production and for quick and efficient investigations.

Join Verint at NATIA and

  • See how Vernit’s Reliant X empowers your investigation with contextual intelligence insights, and facilitates context based production
  • Reveal how Reliant X automatic profiling helps you get an intimate picture of your target’s behaviour, interest, activities, routines and abnormalities
  • Discover how Reliant X enables you to cope with encrypted IP traffic
  • Experience a live demonstration of Reliant X and its speech analytics and unique IP and decoding capabilities