Network Intelligence

Network Intelligence

Capture Intelligence in Virtually Any Network
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Verint’s wide portfolio of network intelligence data mining solutions help security agencies to prevent crime and terror and protect assets. Based on its domain expertise, intelligence methodologies, advanced mass & target analytics technologies and decades of successful global network intelligence experience, Verint enables security organizations to generate critical intelligence even in the face of data overload and evolving communications networks.

The Verint Unified Platform
for Network Intelligence

Verint enables investigation units worldwide to rapidly uncover security intelligence
from virtually any communications network.
Collect All the
Network Data,
at Any Scale
Creates precise profiles with data from virtually all network traffic. Orchestrate your terror and crime investigations across multiple devices & identities – in real-time and retrospectively.

  • Collects, analyzes and investigates intelligence from virtually any communication network, both structured and unstructured
  • Automatically integrates and analyzes data across multiple devices and user identities
  • Enriches the intelligence to build highly accurate profiles and reveal suspicious behavioral patterns
Get Insights
at a Glance
Proven investigation methodologies enable network intelligence analysts to focus on what’s most important and push vital clues to the surface. Ask real-life investigative questions and receive precise case insights.
  • Rapidly prioritizes data of the greatest interest and pushes vital clues to the surface
  • Enables case-relevant queries related to specific events, locations, and periods of time
  • Simplifies & accelerates the creation of meaningful intelligence with field-proven investigation methodologies and intuitive analyst workflows
Solutions for Any
Operational Scenario
Verint provides flexible deployment platforms and the agility to suit virtually any operational challenge, regardless of environmental constraints. Eliminates coverage “black holes” and leaves suspects no place to hide.

  • Provides local, national, border and global coverage through one centralized system
  • Collects intelligence about suspicious entities or groups through strategic and field-based deployments