Situational Intelligence


Verint Situational Intelligence Solutions provide critical insights and greater situational awareness to Security Operations Center (SOC) personnel to aid them in their efforts to keep people, property and information safe.
Verint Situational Intelligence Solutions deliver unprecedented security intelligence to help organizations increase situational awareness, improve security responsiveness and realize greater operational efficiency.

Situational Intelligence Benefits

Real-time Situational
Our situational intelligence solutions unify a range of new and existing sensors and systems into a centralized environment. This provides operators with knowledge and understanding of the current situation and promotes timely, relevant and accurate assessment in order to facilitate decision making.
Unification of Systems,
Sensors and People
Verint fuses data from a wide range of sources, including video, audio, social media, access control, geo-location, building management, and intrusion detection to provide greater situational awareness of what’s happening in your environment, both forensically and in real time.
Delivering Faster & More Efficient Response to Any Situation
Verint breaks down the walls between what were traditionally disparate data inputs and helps security operators realize unprecedented visibility and insights. This intelligence enables the operators to dispatch the necessary forces quickly and efficiently.