Situational Awareness Platform

Mission-Critical Situational Intelligence
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The Verint Situational Awareness Platform provides organizations a solution to help modernize their security operations center by automating critical functions and by gathering valuable intelligence to improve their overall efficiency.

New Horizons in Enterprise Security Operations

The Verint Situational Awareness Platform provides unprecedented visibility and insights that enhance security and safety efforts. By collecting Actionable Intelligence from virtually any number of systems/sensors, such as video surveillance, access controls, HVAC, parking, and mobile locations, decision makers are empowered to manage and respond to situations efficiently and share information easily with multiple agencies, employees, citizens, or first responders. By creating a single enterprise-wide view across disparate systems and technologies, the Verint Situational Awareness platform improves response time, lowers costs and increases operational efficiency.
Achieve Increased Situational Awareness Through a “Single” Pane of Glass
Maximize analysis, response, investigation, evidence gathering, incident reconstruction and debriefing. Reports and dashboards enable better planning and coordination across stakeholders with accurate operational metrics. Increase productivity by automating operating procedures.
Attain World-Class Performance with a Scalable Security Platform
Customers can start where they want and expand as needed. A wide range of integrations with sub-systems can deliver strategic extension of the overall system capabilities. Acquire unmatched performance by combining other Verint solutions, such as Enterprise VMS.
Optimize Security Operations,
ROI, and Security
Better ROI can be realized by lowering incident handling time, response time, and dispatch time and through achieving fewer false alarms. Instant field communications enable status updates and operator collaboration so responses can be expedited and investigations can be simplified.

Develop Security Visibility Through A Common Operating Picture

  • Clear and concise dashboards for cross-agency planning and coordination.
  • Centralized, open platform with enterprise specific standard operating procedures (SOP).
  • Intuitive user interface for multi-user/multi-agency collaboration

Optimize Workflow Among All Integrated Systems

  • Integrate with existing infrastructure, thereby minimizing the need to replace legacy systems.
  • Fuse systems and sensors for a comprehensive view of data from multiple devices and solutions.
  • Scale to accommodate dynamic application and system needs.

Maximize Efficiency And Simplify Complex Processes

  • Intuitive solution enables optimized operations and facilitates multi-tasking and multi-user/agency collaboration.
  • Pre-define security procedures and processes to ensure compliance and streamline operations.
  • Realize a greater return on investment (ROI) by reducing incident handling time, dispatch and response time, and fewer false alarms.