Building a Proactive Cyber Threat Intelligence Operation - Top 10 CTI Use Cases

Building a (successful) proactive Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) operation, relies on two main pillars: Visibility and Context.

While monitoring the open, deep and dark web, social networks etc. will enable to identify threat indicators and provide extended visibility, the gathered data will only be valuable when analyzed in context with your needs and assets, industry, geo-location and more.

Accurate and timely knowledge of where attackers are, what tools they use and what they are planning, will help analysts anticipate and mitigate targeted threats, reduce risk and enhance security resilience.

In this ebook we cover the top 10 CTI use cases that form a successful, proactive cyber threat intelligence operation.

  1. Surface, Deep and Dark Web Monitoring
  2. Vulnerability Prioritization
  3. Domain Monitoring/Brand Protection
  4. Compromised Credentials/Phishing Detection
  5. Executive Protection
  6. Fraud Research/Detection
  7. Threat Actor Data/Tracking
  8. Insider Threat Monitoring
  9. Supply Chain Risk
  10. Strategic Intelligence

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