Sensing COVID-19 Pandemic using Open Source Intelligence Tools

In times of crisis, it is critical to employ proven investigation methods, identify the most relevant sources for monitoring, spot rising threats to public order and track developments on the web that are attempting to exploit the situation.

In this paper, Verint’s Web Intelligence Experts share main investigation methodology for spotting initial signs of a pandemic, and then tracking the dispersion and related public safety threats.

This paper covers the following web intelligence activities:

  • Sharing Web Intelligence Experts’ Go-To Steps in Topic Investigation – From initial wide keyword search through to in-depth analysis
  • Sensing Coronavirus via Open Sources – The critical process of identifying the right sources, in the earliest stages of a crisis
  • Threats to Public Order – How extremist groups and scammers are exploiting the crisis for subversive activities
  • Dark Net Chatter about the Coronavirus – Discovering criminal virus-related activities in the Dark Net

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