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Advanced Training and Services by
Cyber Security Experts

Professional Cyber
Security Services
Expert assistance in cyber security organization build-up and recruitment, investigation support and cyber security assessment.
Verint Cyber
Tailored training courses for national level organizations, SOCs and CERTs, arming your team with the most advanced and professional cyber security skills and knowledge.
Actionable Cyber
Threat Intelligence
Stay ahead of cyber adversaries with Cyber Threat Intelligence Reports and daily CTI feeds from Verint’s expert cyber intelligence team.

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Our consultant team of veteran experts are considered to be amongst the top experts worldwide in the cyber domain. We provide risk assessment, security strategy, SOC methodology and incident response services to organizations around the world and are backed by years of operational and theoretical experience in the management of enterprise, national and government SOCs.
Verint’s Global Cyber Academy offers a broad range of high-end, tailored training programs for cyber professionals, including cyber incident responders, cyber analysts, forensic experts, and even for executives, covering all aspects of the cyber security domain.
Cyber Threat
Intelligence Experts
Our team provides actionable Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) relying on a unique methodology that combines highly skilled analysts with advanced domain expertise and Verint open source intelligence. Advanced web intelligence delivers multiple platforms for the automatic collection and analysis of actionable cyber threat intelligence from the open, deep and dark web.