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Lawful Interception Compliance for CSPs
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Compliance Issues

In the provision of lawful communications interception, communications service providers (CSPs) are challenged to address the expanding array of regulations, standards, and new communications technologies. They need solutions which support a broad range of network types and services and which provide continuous inter-operability with a large array of switch and network node equipment.

Verint Simplifies Lawful
Interception Compliance

Designed by law-enforcement & communications technology experts, the Verint lawful compliance solution enables CSPs of virtually any size to efficiently comply with lawful interception requirements, including regulations regarding application filtering and accurate location information. Capable of managing vast numbers of concurrent sessions and networks, the solution works transparently without disrupting service. Verint partners with leading switch and network equipment vendors to deliver active, passive & hybrid solutions for a wide range of technologies and services.

Cost-Efficient Compliance
for Providers of Every Size

Complete & Cost-effective Compliance
Facilitates complete, seamless, and cost effective compliance with lawful interception mandates worldwide, including those issued by ETSI, CALEA, 3GPP, CableLabs, and other local derivatives.
Supports Virtually All Networks and Vendors
Verint supports a broad range of network types, services, and standards, including LTE, LTE-Advanced, UMTS, GSM, CDMA, xDSL, cable, VoIP, IMS, PSTN, iDEN, and provides interoperability with a large array of switch and network node equipment.
Robust and Secure Architecture
Extends the value of your investments by leveraging your existing IT network and relying on a highly available architecture with advanced virtualization. Helps ensure full protection of customer information and assets.