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Multi-Site Incident

Protecting a city’s population, landscape, and assets requires the gathering, processing and analysis of vast amounts of data from a variety of sensors placed strategically throughout the city. Fusing multiple data sources into one big data system to gain a full situational awareness picture is a challenge. Verint Situational Intelligence Solutions provide greater situational awareness to the city’s personnel so they can respond faster and more efficiently to situations as they develop.

Greater Situational Awareness

Verint Situational Intelligence Solutions provide a comprehensive platform to collect, process and analyze data from multiple sources across the city, focusing on key areas of safety and security. Armed with this data, security operators are able to respond faster and more efficiently to citizens’ needs, in both routine and emergency situations.

City-wide Security From Verint

Build a Streamlined, Intelligence Based SOC
Enable security visualization a single view that drives incident management, workflow, and dispatch throughout your global operations.
Deliver Expedient Service to Travelers, Employees and Vendors
Your citizens and visitors expect to be safe and protected, no matter where they go. With Verint Situational Intelligence Solutions, your resources can respond faster and more efficiently whenever they are needed.
Coordinate Easily with Partnering Entities and Authorities
Keeping a city’s reputation intact is critical to success in maintaining a growing population and a vibrant business community. Verint Situational Intelligence Solutions help to optimize communication and coordination between agencies, responders and citizens.