Natural Disasters

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The Challenge

Governments and security agencies require agile disaster management response to search for, and to deliver critical assistance to people who are in danger. Typically, these systems follow natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes or hurricanes, but can also be a consequence of man-made events, such as a building collapse resulting from terrorism or faulty engineering. In all cases, rescue squads must rapidly locate the affected people and provide them with medical assistance.
What can Verint

do for you?
Verint offers disaster response solutions that assist rescue teams to find victims, including solutions for inaccessible and remote areas. The Verint solutions identify, correlate and pinpoint all communications signals and enable the field teams to quickly zero-in the source and provide urgent help. Verint also can establish ad-hoc communications networks in situations where the existing network is overloaded or has fallen. Quick, effective and efficient response to natural disasters can mean the difference between life and death.