Enabling Secure Transportation Hubs from Entry to Exit
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Safely Travel When, Where,
and How You Desire

Transportation hubs need to protect travelers, employees, and everyone nearby. To maintain their safety, they require critical day-to-day solutions, such as video surveillance with advanced analytics, a unifying platform, and next generation mobile technologies. Verint Situational Intelligence Solutions provide the critical insights necessary to identify and respond quickly to issues that place safety and security at risk.

Faster Response When Incidents Occur

For all municipal transportation systems - railway, seaport, airport, highway or local transit - the provision of safe and efficient travel for citizens and visitors alike is mission-critical for the successful security operations of the city. Any disruption to the daily operations of transit infrastructure can lead to lost revenue, poor customer experience or, in the worst cases, injury or death to travelers. Verint Situational Intelligence Solutions are based on Verint's deep domain expertise in this area and are uniquely positioned to help organizations mitigate risk and address vulnerabilities.

Keep Citizens and Visitors Safe With Verint

Build a Streamlined, Intelligent SOC
Enable security visualization into a single view that drives incident management, workflow, and dispatch throughout your global operations.
Provide peace of mind to citizens, tourists and business travelers
Your citizens expect to be safe, and protected, no matter where they go. With Verint solutions, operators gain greater insight into what’s happening around them and drive faster and more efficient response to incidents when they occur, thus reducing any negative impact on businesses, citizens and visitors.
Coordinate easily with partnering entities and authorities
Keeping a city’s reputation intact is critical for maintaining a growing population and vibrant business community. Verint Situational Intelligence Solutions simplify and streamline information sharing with partnering agencies, businesses and citizens.