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Hackers Continue to Exploit the COVID-19 Pandemic in Malicious Campaigns

by Verint Cyber Threat Intelligence Research Team

posted at March 22, 2020

The outbreak of the Coronavirus demonstrates how agile and quick cyber attackers are to exploit a vulnerability or human weakness. Read here about recently identified malicious campaigns related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Top 20 Vulnerabilities to Patch before 2020

by Gilad Zahavi

posted at December 19, 2019

Verint’s Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Group analysis of the top 20 vulnerabilities that are currently exploited by attack groups worldwide. Provides security professionals with an incentive to improve their patching management activities.

How Threat Actor Profiling Enhances Security Resilience – Part 1

by Ben Kapon

posted at October 15, 2019

When it comes to threat actors capable of carrying out significant cyber-attacks and posing a real threat to your security resilience, there are more differences than similarities. Threat actor profiling is inefficient as long as it remains sporadic and dependent on different vendors’ research and publication of threat intelligence.