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Sensing the COVID-19 Pandemic on Open Sources

by Verint Research Lab

posted at March 31, 2020

Verint’s Web Inteligence Experts share the investigation steps for spotting the initial signs and spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The New SMBGhost Wormable Vulnerability is Gaining Popularity in the Dark Web

by Verint Cyber Threat Intelligence Research Team

posted at March 24, 2020

Growing interest in the new SMBGhost Wormable vulnerability. Will it become the next WannaCry or NotPetya? Read our analysis and findings in this blog post.

How Automation Turns CTI Analysts Into Super Heroes

by Ran Levy

posted at March 5, 2020

Domain monitoring, vulnerability monitoring and alert monitoring are just a few of the things that automation can improve. Read more about the use of automation in CTI

Arabic-Speaking Threat Actor Recycles the Source Code of Popular RAT SpyNote and Sells it in the Dark Web, as New

by Verint Cyber Threat Intelligence Research Team

posted at September 12, 2019

Recent Android RAT, posted for sale on the dark web, MobiHok v4, seems to be based on the source code of the Android RAT SpyNote, which was leaked in 2016.