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Rua Ferreira Lima,
238, 9º Andar,
Suntech, a Verint company is located in Florianópolis, one of the main innovation and technology hubs in the country. With over two decades of vast industry experience, and a strong commitment to pushing technology forward, our employees work in a dynamic and collaborative way, adding expertise to technological breakthroughs to produce the most cutting-edge data mining solutions. Passion for the business and overcoming challenges inspire and drive us to give our best, making the world a better and safer place. Our team is always encouraged to develop professionally, to share knowledge with in a collaborative working environment. Verint culture is unparalleled, with a level of care and spirit you don’t come across every day. Suntech, a Verint company is constantly looking for new and enthusiastic talent to bring knowledge and experience, to keep us at the forefront of cutting edge technologies.

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Verint is the kind of workplace that encourages us to be who we are. To thrive inside and outside of the office.

Our Team

We believe in team spirit and giving back to our local community, our team events and projects allow us to strengthen the bond within our team and beyond