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159, Tsar Boris III
1618 Bakston, Sofia
Verint Bulgaria's advanced data mining solutions, supported by unparalleled domain expertise and deep-rooted intelligence methodologies, provide us with a competitive advantage. Our commitment to continuous technological innovation wouldn’t be possible without our team’s commitment to ensuring that our customers stay ahead of the ever-evolving world of security threats. Perfecting existing technologies and developing new ones are the passionate individuals behind Verint. Each and every member of the team leaves their own unique imprint on the company, collectively striving to be the best in the class while making the world a better and safer place. Our workplace culture places a strong focus on employee growth and experience. We believe in providing ongoing opportunities for our employees to continue learning and progressing in their field of expertise. Employees are encouraged to develop professionally, and to be inspired to innovate. Verint culture is unparalleled, with a level of care and spirit you don’t come across every day. Verint Bulgaria is constantly looking for new and enthusiastic talent to bring knowledge and experience, to keep us at the forefront of cutting edge technologies.

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This Christmas we launched a special initiative

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