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33 Maskit St.
Herzliya Pituach
Verint has a dynamic group of R&D centers around the globe. These centers are constantly driving our innovative technology forward and allowing us to provide for the needs of our diverse customers and partners, wherever they are based. Each R&D center prides itself on constantly developing and revolutionizing technological fields such as network analysis, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, big data analytics, NLP, face recognition, blockchain and IoT. Development projects are often complex and include deep network analysis, business logic elements, complex business intelligence analytics on both, structured and unstructured data and a compelling UI and visualization layer. Our centers use a wide range of technological platforms such as machine learning, Angular, Big Data, Kafka and Spark. Perfecting existing technologies and developing new ones are the passionate individuals behind Verint. Each and every member of the team leaves their own unique imprint on the company, collectively striving to be the best in the class while making the world a better and safer place. Our workplace culture places a strong focus on employee growth and experience. We believe in providing ongoing opportunities for our employees to continue learning and progressing in their field of expertise. Employees are encouraged to develop professionally, and to be inspired to innovate. Verint culture is unparalleled, with a level of care and spirit you don’t come across every day. Verint Israel is constantly looking for new and enthusiastic talent to bring knowledge and experience, to keep us at the forefront of cutting edge technologies.


Honoring some of the best at Verint 2019, who help us to achieve all that we do. It is because of the dedicated, brilliant all-round outstanding employees who make us what we are: Verint.


Our offices have been designed to get the best out of the team, with the very best technology and cutting edge design they are the perfect setting for collaboration, development and growth.